Digital Machine

We deliver complete solutions for digital business development in accordance with modern trends and expectations.


Digital Machine offers a wide range of services based on digital business development, consulting services, modern website design, digital marketing, multimedia solutions and graphic design.

Web & Graphic Solutions

Design and development of websites and webshops based on modern technical standards, as well as design and preparation of various graphic solutions for the needs of printed and digital distribution.

Multimedia Production

Production of multimedia projects for promotional purposes includes operational and technical support during the realization of video live streaming and recording, processing and distribution.

Digital Marketing & PR

Planning, creation and implementation of marketing campaigns through digital media and social networks and communication management.

Planning & Strategy

Implementation of activities related to analysis, planning and creation of strategy and operational plan. Development of creative transformation of business in accordance with digital trends.

Specialized Education

Interactive and specialized educational workshops for the purpose of getting to know the advantages of using digital media, implementation of digital technologies and communication.

Digital Machine

Advantages of digital technologies implementation
Digital transformation includes changes in business activities, processes and models for the strategic use of digital technologies. The transition of a traditional company into a modern digital company requires an awareness of new technologies and a transition to a modern way of doing business, which improves the efficiency and values of the entire organization.

Increased efficiency

Digital technologies help simplify business processes, automate repetitive activities and reduce the time and effort required to complete them. The use of digital solutions can improve business processes for more efficient distribution and prioritization of tasks within the team, which ultimately affects the quality of services you provide to clients.

User experience

Digital technologies allow companies to communicate with customers in new and innovative ways, such as social networks and personalized digital marketing campaigns. Such an approach improves the satisfaction and loyalty of users and/or customers and increases the chances of new cooperation.

Data access

Digital technologies enable companies to collect, analyze and use data to gain insight into their customers and their own business. Collected data can help in making strategic decisions and identifying new opportunities for business growth.

Market competitiveness

Companies that embrace and implement digital technologies can become competitive in a particular market. By improving efficiency, user experience, optimizing business processes and data analysis, companies can achieve a significant market position that can influence long-term success.

Cost optimization

Implementing digital technologies in business can lead to significant cost savings by reducing labor costs, operating costs, inventory costs and improving decision-making. It is especially important in small and medium-sized companies that may have limited resources and need to optimize their operations in order to be competitive.
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