What do we offer?


Web & graphic solutions
Multimedia production
Marketing, media & PR
Planning & Strategy
Specialized education

Web & Graphic Solutions

We offer a package of services related to the design, development and creation of modern web and graphic solutions that contribute extremely well to the relevance and recognition of your business and brand.

Web Design

Design and development of specialized, informative and business websites, modern webshops and web solutions.

Content Creation

Writing, editing and publishing content for digital media. Content may include press releases, video scripts, interviews and podcasts.

Graphic Design

Design of graphic visuals, logos, business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, invitations, presentations and other graphic solutions for the needs of printed and/or digital distribution.

Multimedia Production

In the package of multimedia production services, we offer professional production, distribution and technical support for the of high-quality audio-video projects with great application and distribution possibilities.

Live Video Broadcasts

Planning and technical realization of live video broadcasts for the purpose of public address, presentation, promotion, panel discussion and other public communication through digital media channels and social networks.

Video Recording

Planning, script writing and recording and production of video material for the purpose of promotion and distribution through digital media channels and social networks.


Post-production of audio and/or video material, processing, editing and related activities to improve and adjust the recorded video material according to the planned purpose.

Marketing, media & PR

The package of marketing and media services includes all activities for the successful realization of the campaign with the use of modern digital channels and the strengthening of media and public relevance.

Digital Marketing

Planning, creating and managing campaigns through digital marketing channels, social networks and personal or business brand development and management.

Public & Digital Communication

Content planning and strategy for public and media communication, communication management and development of social media business and/or personal brands.

Planning & Strategy

We offer a package of consulting services aimed at strategy development, planning and management of digital business development.

Research & Analysis

Collection, analysis and processing of informational data, as well as the preparation and adoption of a strategy and operational plan.

Planning & Development

Implementation of activities related to analysis, planning and creation of strategy and operational plan. Implementation and development of a creative business campaign.

Solution Management

Implementation of strategic and operational activities in accordance with the plan and active participation in the realization of the goals.

Specialized Education

The service includes a series of workshops aimed at introducing the advantages and of using digital technologies and media.

Digital Business Development

The workshop includes all activities and processes necessary for successful planning and management of business development from the aspect of applying digital technologies.

Digital Media & Communication

The workshop brings together the basic methods and settings for creating and using digital communication channels, with an emphasis on social networks and digital media.
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